A Good Indian Girl

A good Indian girl, in an Indian society. A thought pattern that I believe drives a part of today’s Indian society. The society today that puts women doing housework on a pedestal-when this should be a common sense skill. A society that creates timelines & expectations for women ( & men) and how they should... Continue Reading →

Helping your Child Learn a Language

How do we learn languages? When we were younger the language automatically came to us as our parents spoke to us. By immersion it was all around us, and thats primarily because studies show that children at a younger age can pick up multiple languages and have the ability to communicate in them simultaneously. Contrary... Continue Reading →

Cranberry Sauce-The Indian Way

We buy cranberry sauce every year for Thanksgiving and I usually end up not knowing what to do with it after. I like the tanginess of cranberry sauce but it’s not my go-to. As usual, I Indian-ize everything so here is my version-goes great on toast, in a sandwich , or with tortilla chips! Ingredients.... Continue Reading →

What is Diwali?

Diwali is..firecrackers...sweets...gifts family gatherings...so Indian Christmas + July 4th? Kind of! Diwali spiritually symbolizes the win of good over evil the victory of light over darkness. “Do you have to be Indian or Hindu to celebrate it? Not at all. Although Diwali’s origin is in the India Sub-Continent present day South Asia, anyone can celebrate... Continue Reading →

If India were a Person……

She was living her life, she was quite well off. She had a lot to offer and was a beautiful woman. Then, people started noticing her beauty. People started noticing all that she had, all that she was. People started noticing how they could benefit off of her. One even went in search of her,... Continue Reading →

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