We are all ambassadors of our culture

We are all ambassadors. We are a walking talking representation of our value system, then our family, then our culture, and country. As soon as we step out of the surroundings, we represent all of this within us as we live our lives. Ex: when you meet someone for the first time the way you present yourself represents: your value system, your upbringing & family background,  the culture you are a part of, and our country; which gives us a strong sense of our pride in who we are.

Your Heritage is your pride”-Dr. Harish Panth

We are all equally responsible in being ambassadors, but not all take ownership. When we are aware, our heritage is our pride. Of course-that is my opinion.

I believe that who we are is defined by what we are told growing up. We can either be told stories of what an incredible heritage and lineage we have, or be told stories of how pathetic it is. Or we might not be told stories at all.

More often than not, when an individual is telling a story to their next generation, they repeat stories of what incredible people are in our lineage, and knowing that gives us a sense of security and happiness that we are part of something great. Likewise for our heritage and culture, the more emphasis one generation puts on the preservation and speaks highly of it, the more value the next generation will see.

Now, there will be a time, when the 2nd generation may wander in search of what else is out there, but when kids are exposed in a good light to their heritage either they:

1) Blindly Follow


2) Take in the knowledge, explore what’s out there and come back from their exploration with a new perspective and appreciation for their heritage

We all have our own unique journey’s of exploring who we are, why we are here, and I would encourage you to explore. If you fall under category 1, great! For me, I took in the knowledge, explored and came back with a new perspective on my own culture. More than anything, I strongly believe it’s so important to value, appreciate, and preserve our rich heritage and culture because we are all ambassadors with equal ownership and responsibility to pass it on to the next generation!


“The Indian Girl”

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