Funny Indian-ism’s

Growing up in an Indian household there are certain thing’s that are unsaid unexplained facts; and sound absolutely crazy to a non-Indian. I had SO many instances where if I was on a reality show that “confused” background noise would be playing,because I didn’t understand why nobody else had 5 siblings in India, or didn’t know why nobody else would put buttermilk in rice for lunch. Here are a few short stories (that I think are hilarious) that I wanted to share; if you can relate I would love to hear your stories as well!

If someone asked me if  I had a sibling, I said yes of course I have 2 sisters and a brother and they all live in India! “Why do your siblings live separate?” Well it’s my dad’s brothers daughter and mom’s brothers daughter. “They are your cousins…” NO HOW DARE YOU! THEY ARE MY SIBLINGS…MY MOM SAID SO!

“Are you eating cottage cheese?” No, it’s called Dahi Bhaath. “It’s cottage cheese” IT’S NOT COTTAGE CHEESE IT’S DAHI BHAATH! (Yogurt Rice; Dahi= Yogurt Bhaath= Rice)

“What are you eating?” It’s an Indian dish with something that’s kind of like yogurt but sour. “EW YOU ARE EATING SOUR MILK THATS GROSS!” * Gets in a fight and tells the teacher, teacher explains it’s buttermilk* ” Oh it’s buttermilk!” Eyeroll….

” Do you speak Indian?” NO that’s not a language. “What is your language called?” Marathi. ” Can you say Giraffe in that language?” No…..

When we go on road trips, theme parks, any outing, Idli with Molagapodi & variety of bhaath’s (rices) is the way to go. Pizza & fast food are not a thing.


“The Indian Girl”

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