How do you appreciate culture?

Golden question; how do you appreciate culture? I believe, that to appreciate culture, one must be open minded to the appreciate the differences we have, and look at the similarities we have. To appreciate culture one must be cultured. That was my story, I sought to understand other cultures, to understand my own and that’s how “Meri Sanskriti” ( My Heritage & Culture) developed. I find it so fascinating to be able to study cultures other than my own and learn why they do they do and what triggers it. What are the different reasons behind certain customs and traditions, and I love to connect to the dots to see how similar we actually are.And of course, no doubt that I am extremely passionate about my own culture and heritage and am on a quest of continual learning.

Believe or not, we are more similar than we think. To start with,every human being has a set of core values they live by, regardless of culture. Many cultures embody these core values and as we seek the similarities between each other, we can also appreciate the different ways we do things. I can’t even begin to explain the high quality of conversation you can hold, when two people talk to learn about how great each other cultures are, and share the greatness of their own.

If really  look into it, the essence of what and why we do things are the same. Even a lot of our foods and languages are similar. So why are we always comparing and arguing? Why do we judge others when they don’t do what we do? Why do we look down upon cultured people?

I notice that those who understand who they are, what they represent, and where they come from, are grounded individuals. Those who are grounded are not in conflict with themselves and are confident in their skin. They know that no matter what anyone says, what new ideas they bring, and what differences they bring it won’t change their core beliefs, and that fear of change of the unknown doesn’t exist. I encourage everyone to keep their minds open to explore your own culture, and learn about other peoples as well.

I think this world has so many amazing cultures and it’s wonderful to see the value everyone can bring to the table with their cultures. This article isn’t about one specific culture, but about the overall thought process of appreciating differences between each other. I think one of the underlying points is, when we make it a priority to define ourselves and understand who we are, we are able positively add value,contribute , and appreciate those around us.


“The Indian Girl”

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