Pursue your passions

“Education is life long; the more we learn, we evolve as humans”

In school we develop our skill of learning, and after that we get a degree; which is only one method of learning. I believe that education is continual and we should continue to discover & develop all our passions in subjects. Sometimes we are accustomed to believe that education is only for a degree.

I believe that one should educate themselves to add value to this world as a human being; because the more know, the more we can do when our minds expand. You might get a degree to validate your education in one area, but there are so many more ways we can continue to educate ourselves in our passions and add value to the world.

Growing up I always had a huge interest and passion for history, writing, and arts,and especially drawn to India, Indian Culture, history, and arts. 🇮🇳 however, I didn’t pursue any of these majors in college. I instead got a degree in business & marketing; and I can’t tell you what made me pursue that. Maybe because there weren’t many programs with these subjects or it wasn’t popular at the time; OR it was just meant to be this way 😊

After getting a business degree, working, starting a few businesses and figuring that aspect of my life out through a mentorship program, I realized I still had a burning passion to educate myself further in history & arts. I also learned and realized that I didn’t have to define all education from a degree,being knowledgable on a subject and having a passion to study and grow oneself,doesn’t always and only equate to pursuing a degree in it.

We can all choose to further educate ourselves on subjects on our own, and that’s what I started to do.There is so much to learn out there and learning really is fun when you have a true interest in it. I’m not saying don’t get degrees, I’m saying pursue education and pursue growth, even if you have a degree in one area, there is still so much to learn in this life!

If I hadn’t gone through this whole process, I probably wouldn’t have realized all these big lessons and also wouldn’t tapped into my strength of marketing through college. Trust that everything is happening how it should! We all have so much untapped potential inside of us, and sometimes we don’t understand what it’s for and what our purpose is. Trust that it will all unfold as it’s supposed to!


“The Indian Girl”

Connect with me on Instagram: Meri Sanskriti,would love to hear from you and your experience!

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