Indian Independence Day; Let’s make it worth the fight

Happy Independence Day! The fight for India’s freedom was a long one, I read a quote earlier by someone saying “The founders fought long and hard to earn India’s freedom, let’s hope the bickering kids remember that”. I couldn’t agree more that it’s every Indian’s responsibility, if we care for our country to be better, to make it better. Patriotism isn’t about one 8/15 day of saying #JaiHind, but a 365 day thing, and it’s not what you do one day but who you are everyday.

Love is an action verb, if we love our country, we can show it by the little things we do everyday to progress the nation, as we are the nation. If we know the problems that exist, what can we personally do to make an impact on those around us? I often hear the phrase of “look what India is today”, but at-least it’s free! Ironically sometimes the sudden freedom of choice is what causes chaos, almost like a new teenager who went from a controlled child to a teenager full of choices and freedom. They will soon learn from their experiences and grow wisdom to make better decisions, and can only get better when we choose.

Today in 1947 , India got it’s independence from the British and as a byproduct also split in two.I really never took time to understand why there was such a tension until recently, when I chose to start studying Indian history, and I realized what actually happened; the reason behind the two countries. From my understanding it was the fear, that one culture would dominate another. By looking at what was happening in the world at the time, we can’t blame them for having that fear.

However if you look at India today, it probably has one of the most diverse demographics to exist in the entire world, having so many different religions, and each state having its own culture. Despite the differences, most parts of India, are able to co-exist and respect their religious difference and live together as Hindustanis. I think if the founders had seen the camaraderie that exists today,there may have realization that we could have existed as one strong nation, and been able to love and accept one another. (I’m not saying all of India carries this attitude, there will always be a percentage of people that will choose to rebel and be hateful) As the famous statement goes, “love always prevails”, and when we choose to see another person and respect the differences vs judge, we can see differences in a good light and not overstep our own boundaries.That is another fear many people have; boundaries. A fear that too much exposure to another culture will cause conflict or overstepping of personal boundaries.

I think that many people now-days, especially abroad, don’t know the reason behind the two countries, and don’t connect the separation, attitude and history in context. (at-least I and my circle didn’t) Most people grow up thinking that these two countries are enemies, especially the second generation.

Most of judgement and hatred comes from ignorance. I think that if we can take time to educate our future generations on the history of our nation, we probably can make a difference towards changing mindset of people, and changing the nation as a by-product. If we can educate, we bring awareness, rationale, and give people the choice to love vs hate.

Living abroad, we are all ambassadors of our country. I grew up around all different cultures and nationalities, and was taught to see the commonality that exists between them all. I hope that as a whole we can bring this attitude of seeing commonalities and respecting differences, educating, bringing awareness to our future generations as a whole. At the end of the day , it’s just a choice. Everything is a balance, and I think that if we are able to teach our future generation how to balance learning your own culture and respecting others we would have a generation of progressive individuals with an open mind and heart.


“The Indian Girl”

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