Where does country pride fit in a world of diversity?Is pride bad or good?

“You can be proud of your country & heritage AND still be loving, accepting ,& respecting of other cultures. That kind of healthy pride stems unity in diversity.”

I am of the opinion that diversity is good. You should be proud of what you represent. I love diversity because I believe that in diversity we can learn to appreciate the other. This of course is contingent upon the attitude of the individual.

Diversity can be taken as a negative, that we shouldn’t have countries, we are all one humanity one culture. I think thats a powerful statement, but I truly love diversity.

I love the fact that I being Indian can walk up to someone who is Arabic, or Hispanic and we can share cultures with each other. I can learn about their food, values, thought process, habits, and so much more! How boring would the world be if we were all just one culture and stayed the same way…*yawn*. The excitement comes when there is something new and fresh!

I read a quote that creating countries and making borders is causing violence by separating ourselves. I strongly disagree with that because I believe, that creating countries creates cultures within countries which creates diversity, and if stemmed from a place of healthy pride can lead to unity in diversity.

Now of course if we choose to take this from a negative perspective, we will all start priding ourselves in our cultures and bashing other cultures and we develop a one up attitude. That is wrong in my opinion, I think we should be embracing each others cultures with open arms to understand & appreciate one another.

So is having pride in your country bad? I’ve heard how pride is bad, pride comes from ego and the one up-man-ship comes from this pride which stems from ego. That is one way to look at it. What I think is that healthy country pride comes from a sense of security. When you are proud of your heritage & culture you take pride in what your lineage represents. You adopt an attitude of responsibility for what your culture & country represents and you want to embrace it. If you have an open mind ,as we all ought to, you would be open to learning about other cultures and sharing yours.

I honestly believe conflicts can be resolved by choosing to accept & embrace ourselves and the other person without engaging in unhealthy ego-driven pride.

So I think everyone should be proud of your country. You should be proud & embrace your own heritage coming from a sense of acceptance of yourself & others. I believe if we can all love & accept ourselves and others we wouldn’t have unhealthy pride stemming from the one-upman-ship mentality.

I believe this can go even for two enemies, who choose to be proud of what they represent & still respect & accept each other.


“The Indian Girl”

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