Therapeutic Holi for your Emotional Well-Being

What do we do when we have 15 deadlines at work, we have business goals to achieve and are working so hard its stressful, we have exams to study for, projects to complete? We binge eat, get into unhealthy addictions, exercise, get in fights. How about when we feel like we have so much holding us back, we feel like there are ropes tied around us preventing us from being who we really are and doing what we want to do? We suppress all these emotions, sometimes they are resentment, sometimes it’s anger, and many times takes a toll on our emotional health. The study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Rochester found that suppressing emotions may increase the risk of dying from heart disease, certain forms of cancer and chronic debases. (credit:  Huffington Post)

It is well-known among psychologists that colors are associated with emotions. So why do we throw colors for holi? To celebrate spring? As always, there are many meanings behind these festivals, here is my interpretation of Holi based on an explanation that was given to me!

The color red inspires romance and/or violence, blue is calming, yellow is the epitome of happiness, green represents tranquility and the black absorbs all colors.

Fun fact: Sri Krishna depicted as being dark (the word Krishna means dark/black in Samskritam/Sanskrit).

In mythology Krishna is the deity that symbolizes the heart, emotions, and especially love-the heart is the center/absorbs all our emotions(when you have something on your heart and then you heart feels lighter after releasing) The heart is the center of being, the sources that attracts emotions (when you say head vs heart, intuition vs logic) usually our logical minded is clouded, it’s because we are at an emotional high. Experiencing emotions are one of the most beautiful aspects of life, but being tied down by emotions are not. Many times we are told when in stressful situation to let go of emotion, because when emotions control us we do feel tied down. When we attract emotions in our lives, we hold them in our heart. When we learn to manage emotions, we naturally radiate love ( think babies, they are always loving, they may experience temporary emotions but they don’t take revenge because their mom fed them peas for lunch 😉 ) Love really is one of the truest and purest emotions out there and that’s because we are an embodiment of love, you will see the concept of love and God in many paths of religion. To experience the emotion of pure love we have to release the emotions that we have absorbed are tying us down, so we can be still and experience the divine conscious. Through the celebration of Holi you can generate and express positive emotions and make you healthier and happier.

When we throw up the colors, we are releasing all suppressed emotions and freeing ourselves, free our bondages, our limiting beliefs, and whatever that doesn’t serve us. When a mass of individual souls come together and release their emotions through the color, the indivisible divine consciousness absorbs it and manifest as universal love in every heart. It’s a fun indirect of method of mentally calming your mind and strengthening your mental health.

So when you go for your local Holi festival this season, reflect on all your limiting beliefs, bondages, and negative emotions, and RELEASE them as you throw the colors in the air!

Fun Fact

Traditionally color water and powders are made of neem (margosa tree leaves), sindoor (vermilion – made from cinnabar), haldi (turmeric powder), bilva (aegle marmelos), and other medicinal herbs prepared according to Ayurvedic principles. In the Braj region around Mathura in north India, the festivities may last more than a week. When your friends and family members smear these powders over your face with love, your skin will be nourished, and mind will be filled. Also, when nature is awakened to the beautiful spring season, the air will be filled with aromatic fragrance of these natural antibodies. Properties of neem, turmeric, and sindoor are natural antidotes against the pollen in the air in the spring season.


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