Emotional Stability through Indian Dance & Mythology

Our emotions control everything. Emotions are literally the thermometer to our body, why do we do what we do? It’s usually an outcome of some emotion. If we are upset, we do certain things after we are upset, if we are sad, happy or whatever we do. If we are happy, we may choose to go jump up and down, and then as soon as we experience another emotion our behavior changes. 

Many times people are constantly in the process of overcoming the emotions of a circumstance.   Imagine for just a second, if our bounce back time was so quick that we were able to move on with our lives. How would life be? What if you bounced back to an emotion of happiness within seconds and you were able to live your life like that? Crazy right. 

We don’t just feel emotions, but we have emotions about emotions. If we are feeling jealous, we don’t just feel jealous, we then internally judge ourselves for feeling jealous. We probably understand that jealousy is a “bad” emotion, and for that reason we judge ourselves for being “bad”. Many times we don’t allow ourselves to experience emotions, because we judge ourselves for even having emotions. Then we try to become emotionless people thinking that having no emotions is better than understanding how to process emotions. 

There is a concept in Indian Classical dance called Navarasa. These are the 9 emotions that we experience on a daily basis-And in Dance, we fully EXPERIENCE each emotion as we express it in the dance! Even many of the Hindu Mythological Gods have an Avatar for emotion, Shiv-Tandav, KaliMa, Krishna, and in dance these are expressed accordingly. If we can fully express our emotions through dance, why not apply in our real lives?

Shringara(Love), Hasya(Laughter), Karuna(Kind-heartedness), Rudra(Anger), Veera(Courage), Bhayanka(fear/terror), Bheebhatsya(Disgust), Adbhuta(surprise), Shantha( Peace)

Now the right side of our brain is the home to emotions, and the right side of the brain is also related to  the Shakti energy in us.( So this is why girls go crazy emotionally on their cycle *Shakti*?) 

We all have both Shiv & Shakti energy in us, that’s male/female energy aka ying yang. Most of us are not balanced. Many women end up with more masculine energy and vice versa. If you notice many people who claim to be “ unemotional;” or shy away and run from emotions probably aren’t in touch with the Shakti energy. I think the reason is because many of us don’t know how to process it. If we look in Hindu Mythology, specifically at Shiv-Shakti, they each have a different avatar for each emotion. Shiv Tandav, Rudra, is the emotion of anger. KaliMa is the feminine emotion of anger.

I think this is a life lesson that just like how these avatars experience the emotion, that’s a good mechanism for humans to practice. When you feel a certain emotion, don’t judge yourself. Allow yourself to feel through the emotion, understand the root cause of the emotion, love yourself even more as you feel out the emotion ( obviouslywithout hurting anyone) and let the emotion go. It’s important to cleanse your system of emotional buildup, because there are many studies linked to showing how emotional buildup can have harmful effects in the body. (Thing anger-hypertension etc) The more we release and let go the free-er we are!

As we allow ourselves to experience emotions we can them bounce back from them faster because we are underlying the root cause of each emotion and the trigger points along the way. That’s how we develop emotional stability. Our bounce back time and our ability to not fall down to begin with, or stay as stable as possible while experiencing emotions. Now there is nothing wrong with getting lost in the emotions, but the more stable we strive to become the more productive we are as people because we don’t have to spend as much time recuperating. 

Right now, when we feel the emotion and immediately add judgement, we are multiplying the trigger. Because it’s one thing to be angry, upset, or sad, when we judge our selves for it we are not letting ourselves experience something that is natural-emotion. We are limiting our own freedom, and the human spirit is meant to be free. Having no chains or bonds to tie us down, including our own selves limiting us from being ourselves! 

True freedom is freedom to be ourselves. That’s a topic for another blog, but for now here are my thoughts on emotional and how to handle them!


“The Indian Girl”

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