Why your life path is Unique to you; your Dharma

We are all here for our own purpose.

Everyone’s purpose is different, everyone’s purpose is unique, and everyone’s purpose is their own.

In my understanding, Dharma is doing the right thing as per context. In the context of life following your heart, and your divine path that is laid out for you, is you doing your Dharma.

My personal opinion has always been ,that I don’t want anybody else’s life. My life is my life my choices and my destiny are my special unique ones.

And initially of course all of us want someone else’s life because growing up we see our association and those around us and we want their life. We think that is what will bring us joy and happiness. We forget that they are here for their purpose and we are here for ours.

We are made a certain way for a certain reason, we have a certain personality traits we have certain characteristics about us that make us unique- and that is what makes us special. We cannot be someone else even if we tried or live someone else’s life because they are different and we are different.

I cannot emphasize the importance of following your heart, your gut, your intuition, your 6th sense-whatever name you choose to give it.

I think now more than ever many people are waking up to their own reality and realizing that they are all living someone else’s life. One person at some point did something, so most of us started following it because we didn’t know what else to do. Now people are starting to realize that everyone has their own talents, gifts, and unique path it’s time to understand your purpose here.

Just because someone is a singer, dancer, engineer, teacher etc, does not mean that is your purpose. There’s actually no need to be jealous or compare ourselves to anybody when we understand that we are all unique.

Many times as we choose to interact with more people we may even realize that when someone else is doing a certain profession or talent, we may realize that we had the same thing within us. But it took meeting that person to mirror that interest in us. That’s not to be confused with jealousy or comparison.

That’s why I believe it’s important to go out there and meet more people, have new experiences, because you never know who or what will help guide you towards your divine purpose.

I believe that us choosing to follow our heart and understand our purpose here, is us following our Dharma.

So listen to your heart, follow your Dharma, and you do what is right for you!


“The Indian Girl”

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