A Win for Indian Immigrants

Earlier this year I had been to a business conference where recognition was held for accomplishments for the past fiscal year.

Respect, Loving All, Serving All, Humility, Faith,Relationships, Family, Values, Morals, Equality, Loyalty.

Do we hear these in the business world often in any country?

What I witnessed was more than a recognition of successful entrepreneurial couple, it was a win for Indian Americans! It was about a couple who came as immigrants from India with a dream, a dream to grab the best opportunities available to succeed and leaving the comfort of their home country and coming here to start from scratch count. Showing us that they journey of accomplishment is who you become, and the greatest success can be achieved staying grounded in your principles.

“Success is measured by the lives you have impacted around you, the quality of relationships around you, and the lives you have enriched by your presence. ”

When this couple started their entrepreneurial journey they were one of the only Indian couples in their industry, they broke barriers exemplifying that Indian-Americans can do it too. Not only did they succeed here, setting an example changing & lives, but also taking it back to India to help their country, to help those by bringing opportunity to them.

Serving our country is very dear to my heart. I’ve believed that serving our country and contributing to it’s betterment (in my opinion) is a duty to give back for what our country has given us. I, know many people hold resentment towards their home country, but our home country has given each sone of us SOMETHING, and I believe that each one of us can fulfill our duty(dharma) in many ways by giving back and paying it forward.

Seeing this couple on stage for me was so powerful because it was seeing an Indian couple stepping into an industry that didn’t have anyone with their background who had a dream and a vision, getting honored for their success by the same people who they looked up to. More than that, seeing their humility and respect, staying strong with their sanskar that no matter how big they grow they stay grounded with their sanskar, honoring those that made them who they are and building such strong quality of relationships around them showing them. Many of us are taught to succeed in one area or another but at the cost of what?

If there is anyone I know that represents the Core principle of Bharat(India), to love all serve all and respect all, becoming successful in all areas of life not compromising on your values-it’s them.  In my eyes it’s truly fulfilling their dharm, of helping themselves to help others.

Most importantly, setting an example that we can be Indian and succeed while upholding high quality of relationships with everyone around us, truly loving all respecting all, regardless of their color or religion, showing us that you can come here as an Indian immigrant and with true honest & integrity you can build a business and success can be achieved. You can become successful by staying true to your morals, values, and upholding your culture. An example for me that holistic success is what makes it worthwhile-and the significance of giving back and paying it forward-which I am forever grateful for!

That to me is Meri Sanskriti, upholding my Heritage & Culture in a Western World 💕

We sincerely do appreciate all of our immigrants who leave everything they had back home to start a new life, this is our first post in our Immigrant Story series where we will be highlight Indian Immigrants to tell your story!  Get in touch with us at msacademycoms@gmail.com!


“The Indian Girl”

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