Happy One Year of Getting Laid Off

One year ago today…I got the news most employees don’t want to get. “Our contract is ending soon and we’re basically letting go of people who aren’t technical”I got laid off and I had mixed feelings.

I remember one on side feeling relieved, because I wasn’t about the 9-5 life AT ALL. On the other side thinking…what should I do? Look for another job? Or give it a shot at the entrepreneur life?

I had put together an idea to start Meri Sanskriti Cultural Academy in January…but hadn’t thought of it as a full time business, can I actually be an entrepreneur at age 25? Thats when my journey began of so many things: A LOT of lessons, ideas, belief, confidence building, the list goes on and on.

Most importantly it’s a process of letting go, and trusting the creator. I can honestly say it’s the best thing that has happened to me, because the person I have become in the past year and the lessons I’ve learned go unparalleled. Understanding making mistakes and also how to handle & fix them, understand myself, my work ethic, how I am what I like and don’t like. Again it goes on and on.

So what is MS? It’s a mission to empower people to embrace our heritage & culture in a western world. Understanding that middle sweet spot between being Indian & Western, holding on to you and loving who you are but also blending in with the culture in front of you. Loving yourself by loving your heritage. How do we do that?

-Kids & Teens Youth Leadership & Culture
-Indo Western Fashion
-Fitness Classes
-Webinars & Workshops

Why so many? Because theres different ways to embrace culture. Oh,and MS doesn’t promote any religion. Because we believe the unique part about being Indian it that that is a culture on it’s own, of loving and serving all. Culture is not just dance, or language…culture is everything we do! I also believe theres two aspects to culture, what we do and who we are. If I had to say our academy is represented by one class, I would say it’s our youth leadership classes.

It’s amazing to see youth loving who they are at their core and embracing themselves in full capacity, and empowering the next gen. Being global citizens, loving all regardless of religion or anything other barrier.

Our doors are open to anyone who is looking for platform to express themselves and ideas for the same cause of embracing yourself and your culture. Send me or @Meri_Sanskriti a DM and would love to connect with you!


“The Indian Girl”

Connect with me on Instagram: Meri Sanskriti,would love to hear from you and your experience!

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