The Chase of Success | Mental Health and Happiness

“Study well, so you can get a job be set in life this is what success is for middle class” ……“Oh you want to be an actor? You better get to bollywood/hollywood thats the only way you’ll be successful”…..“If you’re an engineer you have to work here then you’ll be set, that is happiness”…..“There is no point of pursuing dance or arts seriously unless you plan to make it big”

Why? Who said? Who made these rules up? Who said this was success? We need to stop and THINK!

What happened to being holistic happy humans? So what if you want to be an engineer and pursue dance as a part time passion? What happens if you want to be an artist and don’t want to go to bollywood?

What do YOU want? What makes YOU happy?

Not what will get you the most money so then you can pursue your passion, live life passionately in EVERYTHING you do. Define success & happiness FOR YOU! My motto is living a passionate purpose driven life. I truly believe that we should find happiness in what we do, and do things that make us happy!

Holistic health and well being is a deep topic, it’s just about being happy but finding fulfillment. I think so many of us are trapped in listening to others, what other’s think is best for us we lose who we are and our own sense of intuition, our own sense of guidance from within. I’m in no way condemning Guru’s, Mentors, Coaches or any of the above, perspectives should always be welcomed as we think over our decisions, however blindly following advice because someone said is not the solution.

Critical thinking, independent thinking, understanding what YOU want is so important and unfortunately, underrated. Asking ourselves does this make me happy? Is this actually a goal I want? Do I want to do this? Do I want to pursue this? Does this feel right for me? It’s okay to want to be a millionaire, it’s also okay to not want to be one. Easier said than done, but it’s what you want and what’s right for you.

We don’t have to chase money in everything we do, learning how to monetize what we do vs chasing a career for money are very distinct opposites. The topic of money is a whole different topic altogether, but I do believe that we don’t have to chase an industry for money we do have the power within us to establish ourselves in whatever we do. I also don’t believe we should be putting all our eggs in one basket, and drawing our entire sense of success & self worth, from one industry or one thing.

Mental Health & inner strength is important. If something doesn’t align with who we are we should be able to walk away! We should be able to say ” this doesn’t make me happy, it’s not adding value in my life, I choose to walk away”

I believe, we should intentionally ask our selves some of these hard questions, and define our life, our values and standards.

Here are 5 points to summarize this:

  1. Ask yourself-what do YOU want?Is what you’re currently doing making you happy?Have you discovered all of your strengths and talents? Is it time to walk away if it’s not?
  2. Define what success in everything you do and success in life means to YOU
  3. How can you live life fully everyday? What can you do to live a passionate purpose driven life? Is that even what you want to do?
  4. Where is your sense of self worth coming from? Is it from one thing? Have you defined yourself, who you are, and what things mean to you?
  5. If you aren’t happy, if your sense of worth is coming from one area of life, how can we change that to be intrinsic so you can be your best self!

Giving a tribute to the recent loss in the Bollywood Industry due to depression, I watched a video by Sushant Singh Rajput on success. And he said it very well, that success=enjoying the now. He mentioned how he would go from past-present constantly, and forgot about what’s happening now, that the now has to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. I think this is something MANY of us do…thinking about “the future” and how great things will be vs just enjoying NOW.


“The Indian Girl”

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