If India were a Person……

She was living her life, she was quite well off. She had a lot to offer and was a beautiful woman. Then, people started noticing her beauty. People started noticing all that she had, all that she was. People started noticing how they could benefit off of her. One even went in search of her, and ended up discovering another country. Then, she entered her first relationship. It was a little toxic, there are many good things that came with it. She learned new ways, new foods, new cultures.

But it was equally toxic on her. She was oppressed in many ways, her religion was oppressed her ways of life were oppressed. In the space where she was supposed to be free to be herself, she was getting oppressed. She did fight back, it’s not like she just sat there and watched. But her power was considerably less.

Soon after got in a second relationship. This was more toxic, this was a good amount of racism, colorism, along with everything else. This was another long period of attacking her self worth. Her religion, her color, her ways, everything here was under question. But now she was mustering up the courage to fight back, to push back and stand up for herself. It took a few friends who came from another country to help draw the final straw.

In 1947, she finally got her independence, after being split in two. She’s been through a lot, and now she’s healing. Now she’s figuring out what’s right, what’s wrong. She was oppressed for so many years, how does she now come out of it to show the world what she’s made of? In the 1960’s moving forward, a surge of people left her land wanting to not go back, because they felt like she had nothing to offer them. A handful of them did contribute back to help her grow.

She has her own problems she’s facing, she’s not perfect by any means. While she was fighting to be free, the world didn’t stop. It kept moving times kept changing and suddenly she’s faced with so many problems all at the same time. She’s healing. After two very toxic relationships, after finally gaining independence, she’s healing. Some of her healing may look aggressive, healing comes with some splurges of fear. It’s a part of the healing process. She’s fighting to get stronger from within. This is happening through many ways, as India is her people. The Indian/South Asian diaspora all over the world is going through different types of healing on different levels. For so many generations people were just in a Jail in their own country, as a result the next generations, are doing their part to break those chains and be FREE!

It’s mind-boggling to see that at point of time, people in India felt like that was their life. Being thrown around by Britishers and being treated like they were in a jail, inside their own home. Even before that it was the numerous battles against Mughal Kings and rulers. Many of these sub-conscious beliefs are still present in the collective consciousness of people today. Many beliefs about color, oppression, submission, freedom, judgment, fears, insecurities, and so much more are still very much present in the people we see today.

Today we see so many of the Generation Y talking about mental health. Why? Because the previous generations faced quite a bit on the emotional side of things. Freedom is a basic human right that was stripped away from India-her people. Two generations later are facing the consequences, but also intentionally changing. This new generation is intentionally saying we want to fix our skeletons in the closet that may have even been passed down from 2-3 generations ago. We want to clear those fears, we want to live life freely. We see a sudden splurge of Indian’s, especially outside of India embracing culture. Why? Because it’s such large part of who we are as Indians who live outside of India.

We want to love the culture that contributed largely to our identities growing up. We want to give back. We want to be a part in making that change where India-Indians, can be free of mental chains that have been holding them back for years.

We just want to be ourselves, and be free!

Happy 73rd year of Independence and 74th Independence Day India, #JaiHind, #JaiMeriSanskriti!


“The Indian Girl”

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