Why DigVijay has become my fav character in Bandish Bandits

When you first look at the character of DigVijay in Bandish Bandits-you see him as the villain. Mind you he also makes his appearance as a villain might. You see him challenging Panditji, and at this point in the show we have a soft corner for Panditji so anyone opposing him immediately becomes the villain. It wasn’t until I watched it again and paid attention to the dialogue-because the first time around I didn’t completely understand some of the conflicts-that I realized what DigVijay was actually doing by wanting to take the Gharana name back. As I observed the characters my second time around I was able to take in their personalities and really started to appreciate DigVijay’s character.

His heart is big but also he just wants love, belonging, and acceptance. He’s actually a guy with soft heart and a desire to love and be loved. He doesn’t mean harm to anyone, but he hasn’t forgotten the wrong that was done to him, at the same time that doesn’t turn into hate.I see it as what he does is his attempt to belong. He recognizes that wrong has been done, he knows who has done it, but he still retains respect for his family as his family. From the beginning you can see that all he wants is a relationship with his father. I also think his reasoning for challenging Panditji in the Sangeet Samrat is also to bond with him, as he sees that music may be the only way to somehow save his relationship with his father.

We see this when he is choosing performers for his music school, and he tells the guy off by defending Pandit. We also see this when he comes and asks Panditji if he can help take care of him when he sees he’s having some health issues, and his hurt when it’s denied. (I won’t give it away incase you haven’t seen it) When he embraces Radhe at his musical school opening, we wonder if he’s doing that to bond with him or is it an attempt to push the Bikaner Gharana name, but we see that it may just be that he’s trying to bond with Radhe, unite everyone, and honor his grandfather.

As a person we could see that DigVijay as a person was confident he knew who he was he was confident in his ability and performing was an easy breeze for him! DigVijay has everything in life except love and family, and that’s what he really craved. He pretty much had everything taken from him, his father left, he was never accepted as a son, and his one and only love was pulled away, and he was treated as a complete outcast at no fault of his. (unless this is going to be revealed in season 2 :D)

When we watch the final jugalbandhi, you can see his heart through the friendly gestures, DigVijay presented himself as a professional and a team player who wasn’t there to harm anyone but to celebrate music and arts. For Radhe it was a matter saving his family honor and defeating DigVijay, but for DigVijay it seemed like he was joyful about being able to sit with the people he considered family-especially with his dialogue at the end before he and Radhe embrace. You could tell that DigVijay was really enjoy singing with his Radhe especially throughout the jugalbandhi he seemed like he was genuinely enjoying being there he was enjoying the collaboration and it wasn’t a cut-throat competitive experience for him .

I also see DigVijay choosing to sing Garaj Garaj in the jugalbandhi as a way of saying “what’s yours is mine, I AM still your son” and I loved how he in way unapologetically does it. He knows how Panditji feels about him-and he in a way pushes Panditji’s negative feelings away, and almost claims his right as his son especially during the Sangeet Samrat. He has that cool calm confidence, he knows how he is what he’s doing and he’s not here to fight, but to unite.

I see it as a DigVijay being a character who has faced a lot of crap in life with being deprived of love at different stages, yet he has handed it like a melody!(puns)

Hope you enjoy my review and do watch Bandish Bandits!


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