Pursue your passions

"Education is life long; the more we learn, we evolve as humans" In school we develop our skill of learning, and after that we get a degree; which is only one method of learning. I believe that education is continual and we should continue to discover & develop all our passions in subjects. Sometimes we... Continue Reading →

Ethnic Languages; Standards vs Pressure

"Think of language as a relationship with your culture, invest in it intentionally.When you see the younger generation that speaks your language, choose to speak to them in your language. I think as a whole we can keep our Indian culture and language alive by keeping the standard as a norm. " Standard: Level of... Continue Reading →

How do you appreciate culture?

Golden question; how do you appreciate culture? I believe, that to appreciate culture, one must be open minded to the appreciate the differences we have, and look at the similarities we have. To appreciate culture one must be cultured. That was my story, I sought to understand other cultures, to understand my own and that's... Continue Reading →

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